Most homeowners trust that their houses shelter and protect their families from harm. Here are 5 simple ways to make your home healthy and safe so you can keep your property in good shape.

Prevent and Eliminate Mold to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

A moldy home isn’t healthy to live in. Mold causes respiratory, neurological, and allergy symptoms in otherwise healthy individuals. Mold grows in damp environments, so the key to preventing and eliminating mold is keeping the home dry.

Seal up leaks where rainwater can get inside. Fix any plumbing leaks. Use a dehumidifier and ventilation fans in damp areas like the bathroom to dry them out. If you have an existing mold problem, you may be able to smell it or see the mold itself. Bring in a mold professional to assess and remove the mold.

Keep Dust to a Minimum

Like mold, dust in the home also causes respiratory issues and allergies. The best way to effectively reduce dust is to clean the home regularly. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust from surfaces. Vacuum and mop floors only after dusting everything else in the room. Other ways to keep dust to a minimum include changing the HVAC filter regularly and using an air purifier. Both methods will reduce dust that circulates in the indoor air.

Secure Railings on Stairs and Decks

Loose railings pose a safety hazard for any type of building. A railing must be secure enough to hold the weight of someone leaning against it. Inspect the railings of decks and stairways on your property. Push against them and make sure they don’t budge. If any railing or spindle is loose, reinforce that area and make any other needed repairs.

Make Your Home Healthy and Safe with Smoke and CO Alarms

Your home’s smoke alarms give your family an early warning of a house fire. Alarms that are faulty or have dead batteries provide a false sense of security. Test all the alarms in your house monthly, including carbon monoxide alarms. Make sure that the test button sounds. To be extra safe, change the batteries twice a year, even if there is no sign that they are dead.

Make sure that you have smoke alarms in all the correct places, in every bedroom, in hallways outside of bedrooms, near the kitchen and laundry room, and in the attic, garage, and basement. There should be at least one smoke alarm and one CO alarm on every level of the home.

Keep Pests Away

Pests in the home cause health and safety hazards. The best way to keep pests of all kinds away from your property is by keeping it clean and sealing up holes and gaps that allow them to gain entry. Look for areas where bugs and rodents can get in and close them up, and clean up anything that might be attracting them.

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