Having a clean home is one way to prevent illness and disease. Air quality should be a top concern for people because most pathogens are transmitted through the air. Viruses and bacteria aren’t the only concerns when it comes to the air quality of your home. There are so many air pollutants and allergens that contaminate indoor air. Some of these pollutants may include dust mites, mold, cleaning chemicals, smoke, or even pet dander. Here are some tips for improving indoor air quality.

Improve Indoor Air Quality by Cleaning

Some people clean only when their house is a mess, but this shouldn’t be the case. At this point, all the dust and dirt have accumulated along with the mess, and this will lower the indoor air quality of your home. Frequent cleaning, including using your vacuum, mopping your floors, and dusting, can improve the air quality inside your home.

Check for Lead Paint

Houses that were built before the 1980s used lead paint, and if your home is one of them, then it may contain some lead. This is a dangerous risk to both you and your children. Lead poisoning can damage the kidneys and brain. It can also have long-term effects on a child’s nervous system. Children are more vulnerable to this danger. Have your older home tested for lead paint.

Humidity and Indoor Air Quality

High humidity contributes to the perfect environment for mold growth. This is why the humidity inside your home should never exceed 50%. Otherwise, you will be compromising your indoor air quality. Air purifiers, dehumidifiers, or even air conditioners help you with reducing humidity. Another way to keep your house safe from mold is to fix plumbing leaks inside your house.

Don’t Smoke Inside Your House

Secondhand smoke is dangerous and deadly to people who don’t smoke. When people smoke indoors, the smoke lingers inside the home. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, causing health problems like asthma, ear infections, and lung cancer.

Indoor air quality affects the health of everyone in the home, and being proactive in keeping it clean is necessary. As air pollutants outside continue to rise, we don’t want the same thing to happen inside our homes.

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